More companies than ever before are outsourcing their I.T departments to achieve ongoing benefits and business success. About 72% percent of companies outsourced their I.T functions in 2016, and 31% are planning to increase their outsourcing this year.  As businesses continue to externalize I.T responsibilities, along with legal functions (63%), taxes (53%), and procurement (41%)—it’s becoming a major and sustainable trend.


Here’s how outsourcing your I.T department can boost your business:


  • Simplifies scalability

Savvy companies are rarely static. Outsourcing I.T functions allow companies to easily scale up and down at a moment’s notice, without negatively affecting in-house staff.


  • Reduces costs

Between salaries, office space, and other associated costs, in-house I.T departments typically require greater allocation of resources. Outsourcing your I.T department helps you save with a flat-fee monthly payment plan, so you can spend where it really matters—to keep your business moving forward.


About 72% percent of companies outsourced their I.T functions in 2016, and 31% are planning to increase their outsourcing this year


  • Increases access to expertise

When keeping all I.T activities in-house, companies are limited to a set amount of tech expertise. This often forces companies to supplement with outside contractors, which just increases costs. But outsourcing harnesses a wealth of knowledge and experience for a more well-rounded, high-level, cost-efficient team.


  • Decreases risks

Outsourcing your I.T department to the right provider can ensure that your network is monitored by professionals  24/7, something that internal teams typically just don’t have the resources to do. By keeping your system updated and secure against crashes, failures and viruses, your company will be better able to ward off would-be cyberattacks and lose valuable data.


Outsourcing I.T doesn’t have to throw your business into a tailspin of to-dos. Download this free brief to learn how to outsource sensitive internal functions to the right provider—headache-free.