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Cybersecurity has quickly escalated to become one of the biggest threats for companies around the globe. Although the recent ransomware attack on organizations in the U.S., Europe and Asia was less aggressive than this spring’s WannaCry attack, it nonetheless disrupted and devastated global tech infrastructures—resulting in at least $10,000 of ransom payments thus far.

90% of passwords take
only 6 hours to hack

Around the globe, CIOs are scrambling to stay ahead of the cybercriminal mind. As they build up their infrastructures and team to withstand the next attack, these trends are topping their security to-do lists.


Better Device Security


It’s the perfect storm of security lapses, and it’s every CIO’s worst nightmare. Employees are using unsanctioned apps to access company data over honeypot WiFi networks with untrusted devices—and yet the only thing they need is a username and password. Roughly 90% of passwords take only 6 hours to hack. As increasing business mobility creates additional entry points for hackers, a Safenet report revealed that 95% of IT managers are more wary than ever of going mobile—increasing their plans to mandate two-factor authentication and device-specific credentials on employees’ devices.


What is DMARC?


With 36 Billion phishing emails being delivered annually, costing companies an average of nearly $2000 per phishing attack, more companies are seeking ways to secure their email systems against cyberattacks. DMARC, the email protocol designed to stop phishing attacks in their tracks, is being implementing across internal email servers and websites to secure the nearly 98% of domains vulnerable to email cybercrime.


Cloud Based Security Solutions

 80% of IT budgets turn to the cloud over the next 15 months

Cloud-based solutions, like DaaS, increase employee productivity and cut costs, but they also require strict security policies. As 80% of IT budgets turn to the cloud over the next 15 months, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever—the lack of which is keeping 49% of businesses from full cloud deployment. CIOs and IT personnel are moving beyond the binary “block” or “accept” policies of the past to stricter security measures to ensure employees can use the apps they love without endangering data security.


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