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Start a discussion about the pros and cons of cloud solutions and someone is bound to mention a lack of security.

But most often, on-site servers pose an even bigger data security risk. As cyber attacks increase, this will be a growing concern for enterprises, particularly when Federal Government and other organizations are only using products that have completed FIPS validation.

Here are three risks onsite servers pose to your business’s security.


Data loss

If a natural disaster strikes or hardware failure occurs to your onsite server, your company can experience significant data loss. The loss of critical information and productivity can be destructive to your business’s finances and reputation.


Secure storage and backup

Onsite servers create a host of data security issues when it comes to storing backed up data. If you’re backing up your onsite server with CDs or external hard drives, you’re leaving your company’s data vulnerable, and at risk for theft or corruption.


Cyber Crime

Onsite server environments actually suffer more from cyber crime than cloud solutions. Alert Logic’s 2012 State of Cloud Security report found that onsite servers faced an average of 61.4 attacks while cloud customers only suffered 27.8 attacks. Brute force attacks were also more common in onsite solutions compared to cloud counterparts.

By using a DaaS solution, businesses can reduce or eliminate these risks. Instead of data and applications being stored on a single server or end-user devices, they are stored in the cloud. DaaS solutions provide more sophisticated security protocols because providers can devote more resources and expertise to security issues than can a business’s IT department.

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