6 Steps to Managing Your Mobile Workforce and Productivity2 min read

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Enterprises everywhere are welcoming remote workers and the benefits that come with them. A flexible workforce spread across the globe can be great for business. But managing those employees and maximizing their output is often far from straightforward. You can reduce issues and boost productivity by implementing this six-step strategy

1Simplify technology

Simplicity and security are the keys to productivity. While it might be easiest to let remote workers use their smart devices, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions provide greater security. By putting your desktop environment and everything connected to it in the cloud, your teams can log on and access an environment they are familiar with—from anywhere.

2Streamline schedule management

Managing workflow schedules for hundreds of remote workers can be hectic. Attendance tracking software can help optimize time tracking and schedule management.

3Create a culture

Creating a company culture when your workforce doesn’t share an office can be tricky—but not impossible. Managers and executives need to set communication standards with remote employees and provide ongoing feedback.

4Encourage collaboration

Having employees spread across the globe doesn’t mean you should neglect collaboration. With an online messaging system, your remote team will always be on the same page.

5Focus on Feedback

An undervalued worker is an unproductive worker. Ensure managers are using an online or desktop messaging system to touch base with employees regularly.

6Train your team

You may think training sessions with remote teams are impossible. But video conferencing technology makes it easy to organize online seminars. Remember, a better-educated workforce is a more productive workforce.

Technology is changing quickly and if you want to keep up, bringing remote workers onboard can help catapult your business into the future. Get the most out of your mobile workforce by implementing the above plan. Your growing business and motivated teams will thank you.

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