A New Type of Revolution: Samsung and LG Could Launch Foldable Phones Later this Year2 min read

Samsung Folding Phone
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The traditional concept of cellphones was completely shattered when smartphones were introduced. Yes, once upon a time, flip phones, blackberries and sidekicks were the “must-have” items of the 2000s; but when the smartphones demonstrated their versatile qualities, they began to dominate the markets. Smartphones have become our very own private assistant with applications such as an alarm clock, calendar and even a memo or notepad. They have WiFi capabilities which is why they are known as the “computers in our pockets.” Is it possible to top these amazing features? Well, according to an article on Engadget, we may see foldable phones sooner than we think.

Foldable phones are a two-in-one device in which the phone can fold out to become a tablet. The article on Engadget states that Samsung and LG could release the first foldable phones later this year. Samsung has been developing the foldable phone since August of 2016 and has designed it to fold out to a 7-inch tablet. However, the company has some hesitations on releasing it.  It has been reported that Samsung will consider rearranging both mobile and IT divisions before making a decision. On the other hand, LG is also working on releasing this new tech later this year. Engadget does suggests that LG could market this development to clients such as Apple and Huawei but at this moment, their actions are unknown. Regardless, the fact that the article states, “we’re getting closer to seeing foldable gadgets  on the markets” is absolutely mind-blowing. Simply the idea that we could have a two-in-one device in the palm of our hands is truly amazing.

It is companies like Samsung and LG, who have worked to think outside the box, that break these standards we place on technology. Although there are hesitations and different routes to ponder over, these companies have created a new innovation that could revolutionize the concept of smartphones.