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Artificial intelligence is on the rise. Take a look at the chart above and you’ll see that even in a niche corner of the technological world, there is already the makings of a huge industry. Read on to find out some of our predictions for 2017, because this frontier industry will shape our futures and the world as we know it.

2016 saw Tesla cars come out with hardware that enables them full driving autonomy. Uber also rolled out a fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. 2017 will be a time to watch these companies fine-tune their self-driving technology and will likely see self-driving cars popping up more frequently.

What’s another kind of AI to watch?

2017 may also be the year where we see AI going rogue and hacking the unhackable. How will this occur? Many types of AI are developed to help other AI work smarter. This trend in programming is designed to help artificial intelligence check itself and improve its capabilities and performance. This ability to have better training and adjustments can let AI write code to improve other AI. This ability could see AI developing far more sophisticated code than we thought possible, including the ability to delve into security systems unseen.

This ability could see AI developing far more sophisticated code than we thought possible

Speaking of murky ethical areas, discussion about AI laws will also be a hot topic of 2017. Systems of law will have to figure out who will be responsible for these AI actions, such as the previously discussed autonomous cars and self-learning machines. Governments will also have to determine how best to cope with unemployment driven by AI. Whether multinational companies will be held accountable for the effects of their AI will remain to be seen.

You can also expect many a talk about how AI affects our society and culture. Hot topics will include lethal autonomous weapons, job losses and how fair those AI algorithms really are.

2017 is going to be a game-changer for AI, and thus a game-changer for the world.