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Last year saw a partnership between one of the leading software companies and one of the top tech giants that is expected to redefine the standards for flexibility and productivity in what some consider to be the most noble profession of all—the legal profession.

On August 31 2015, NetDocuments—prominent cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider—announced that it will integrate all of its services with the cloud technologies of its partner, Microsoft, which will enable legal professionals to make a quantum leap in productivity.

Modern, tech-savvy and progressive, today’s law firms need sophisticated DMS. One that lets them leverage the features of cloud technology to use Microsoft tools, which are the most widely used applications for work, more effectively.

The partnership is intended to achieve just that—let customers take advantage of the enterprise-grade cloud’s capabilities, as well as the global accessibility of Microsoft applications.

The key aspects of the strategic integration include:

  • An Azure-hosted version of NetDocuments’ DMS solution which will include all of its current features and functions
  • Access to the DMS’ data through the Office Add-In model, providing direct access to core productivity activities within the tools
  • Complete integration of NetDocuments’ EM, NetDocuments’ email management solution formerly called Decisiv Email, with Exchange Online, Microsoft’s hosted messaging application
  • Integration of more Office 365 design patterns to provide an even better email management and document solution via Azure
  • Further integration with Microsoft technologies of ndOffice—NetDocuments-built legal DMS app that gives cloud technology capabilities to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook—providing more support for a suite of features which include device synchronization; simultaneous, multi-user editing; mobile security; content exchange; and OneDrive for Business and NetDocuments
  • Access to cloud-based document management, email and electronic records management tools that leverage Microsoft applications as well as NetDocuments’ technologies for mobility; shared encryption; hybrid, private storage; and predictive filing

Learn more about the seminal partnership here.