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Just about every professional services firm seeks to provide a more mobile and responsive workplace, while continually reducing operating expenses, fixed overheads, staffing complexities and redundant assets on the balance sheet.

When it comes to the workstation, or desktop PC, many firms tried a virtual model by hosting their own data centres and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This often proved difficult and expensive.

Expensive workstations can be replaced with a virtual model

In fact the landscape is littered with firms that simply didn’t see the benefits they had planned. There were often latency issues and performance problems too. Many firms found it all too hard, too expensive, and too slow.

In fact the landscape is littered with firms that simply didn’t see the benefits they had planned.

That’s why today, most firms are turning to external cloud-based desktop service providers to help them get it right.

Improved Security and Compliance

PCs and laptops carrying sensitive information can be hacked, lost or stolen. Such security issues are amplified when staff use their own tablets and smartphones to create and share data from anywhere, anytime.

That’s why DaaS stores your firm’s data in the cloud, not on individual devices. You information is protected and secured even when a mobile device is destroyed, lost or stolen. It’s important peace of mind.

In addition, traditional workstations face the threat of staff downloading malicious files from the internet and infecting the corporate LAN even accidently. The cloud based workstation however will not facilitate this and as such becomes even more secure in the process.

With DaaS, firms know their staff are operating in a compliant manner using approved procedure and applications. Virtual desktops in the cloud:

  • Centralise updates
  • Provide a consistent operating environment
  • Contain rigorous data backup
  • Provide greater insight into user activity
  • Maintain greater security to protect critical data.

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