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DaaS, or Desktop-as-a-Service, essentially simulates the approved physical workstation environment located inside your firm’s office,and puts it in the cloud for access by your staff no matter where they choose to work.

This extends the physical boundaries of your localarea network, data, and software applications to staff working anywhere, anytime, and on all types of devices including laptops, tablets and their own smart phones.

Being cloud-based, DaaS brings the benefits associated with external hosting and support management to your firm, boosting agility, reducing overheads, and securely extending your office environment to anywhere in the world – all the time.

It improves staff productivity, flexibility and makes it easier to engage key professionals with specific experience from anywhere in the world, thus boosting your firm’s capabilities, service line opportunities, and reputation.

Finally, its subscription model and ability to remove internal support overhead flattens cost curves and eliminates expense surprises.


With DaaS, your firm can simply purchase the scale and performance it needs on a subscription basis, connecting costs directly to staff numbers.Furthermore, your DaaS service provider is responsible for maintaining the environment including data backup, storage, security, upgrades, patches,network accessibility and more. This frees up your existing IT resources tofocus on more strategic initiatives.


Your firm is a repository of critical knowledge. Securing and sharing that knowledge appropriately is vital to ongoing reputation and performance. DaaS, as a cloud-based solution, stores the data residing on all those individual devices used in your firm in one secured location. When time is money, fast access to the right secured information is critical.


There are many DaaS platform providers from which to choose including Citrix and VMware. These are not to be confused with the DaaS ServiceProviders, who provide the actual IT and business consulting services required to plan, deploy and manage your DaaS rollout and maintenance with professional execution.

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